Sardar Kaura Khan caste Jatoi (Loharat) was a Legendary land lord of district Muzaffargarh and a God fearing person. He married with six women during his lifetime, but remained issueless and expired in 1898.
         During his life, he executed a Will on 05.08.1894 through which he transferred and distributed his property to his children, in case, any of his wives would bear children and to his wives according to the principles of Muslim inheritance law. The Will also stated that if any of his wives would not bear a child, his property would be transferred and distributed as under:
(a)    each of his wives shall get 1/9th share of his property; and
(b)    the remaining 3/9th share of his property shall be transferred to the Local Fund. As per his Will he executed that Bitoray Lillah Brai Kharch Rifa-e-aam (                    ).
        As per the contents of the Will, the 3/9th share of his property was transferred in 1898 to the Local Fund, which is, now, being run as Zila Council, Muzaffargarh. At present, the property is situated in two Districts of Punjab that are Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur
     The detail of Property transferred to the Local Fund is as under:
(a)    Land consisting on 20 Muazaat (Villages) measuring 71777 Kanals and 02 Marla is situated in Tehsil Jatoi, District Muzaffargarh,
(b)    Land measuring 172 Kanals and 01 Marlas is situated in Tehsil Alipur, Muzaffargarh.
(c)    Land measuring 10067 Kanal and 18 Marla is situated in Tehsil jampur, District Rajanpur
(d)    Land measuring 536 kanal and 13 marla is situated in Tehsil and District Rajanpur
         As per Jamabandi and Jadeed Lot Bandi, total land transferred to the Local Fund (Zila Council), Muzaffargarh by Sardar Kaura Khan Jatoi is 82753 Kanals and 14 Marlas. The land has further been divided into 415 Lots, out of these 415 Lots, 405 are in Tehsil Jatoi, 3 are in Tehsil Alipur, 5 are in Tehsil Jampur and 4 are in Tehsil & District Rajanpur.
         The land, at present, is being managed by Management Committee constituted under rule 3(1) of the Sardar Kaura Khan (Management, Supervision and Protection of Land) Rules 2016. The Committee is headed by the Commissioner Dera Ghazi Khan Division comprising of the District Coordination Officers and the District Police Officers of both Districts that are Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur, a representative from Local Government & Community Development Department, District Bar Association, Muzaffargarh, Progressive Grower from Tehsil Jatoi (a coopted member), a representative from Akhuwat (Non-Governmental Organization).
         The Lots are leased out for the period not more than four years through an open and competitive auction after advertisement in at least two national daily newspapers. The income/profit from the bequeathed Land has increased manifold under the supervision of the Management Committee. A separate bank account has also been maintained in the Bank of Punjab, Muzaffargarh for management of money earned from the bequeathed Land.